International Music Festival «Black Sea Music Fest»

June 26, 2017 г.

The 4th International Music Festival "Black Sea Music Fest" is hosted by Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra and headed by the People's Artist of Ukraine conducted by Hobart Ehrl.

The festival opened on June 17 in Philharmonic Hall with the literary and musical composition of Edward Grieg's "Per Gunt". Conductor - Hobart Earl. Soloists: Yuri Dudar (baritone), Tatyana Mulyr (soprano). The ONMA choir named after Nezhdanova. Choral Masters Galina Shpak and Valery Regruth.

In the coming days, the city of Odessa and guests are waiting 2 concerts:

On June 26, a big gala concert will take place in the Opera House. Conductor - Hobart Earl. Soloist - Tatyana Melnichenko (soprano). The works of Glazunov, Richard Strauss, Wagner and Theodorakis will sound.

June 28 at the Philharmonic will perform Tchaikovsky - "Italian Capriccio", concert for violin and orchestra, Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra.