International exhibition «Jewelry salon»

November 28, 2016 г.

From 1 to 4 December 2016 at the exhibition complex of the Odessa Sea Port (Primorskaya street, 6) will open an international exhibition "Jewelry salon". 

The exhibition will show new companies, custom collection, known to inhabitants of Odessa manufacturers, foreign brands and Ukrainian jewelry house, jewelry of young designers and famous jewelers.

Christmas discounts directly from manufacturers.

From 1 to 4 December at the bottom of the pavilion will be held the exhibition "Treasure Island". For true connoisseurs of precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world, professional workshops, teaching jewelry skills and the ability to make a gift at the exhibition, with own hands. The main "highlight" will be a large number of small-scale, author's and exclusive jewelry, existing only in a few or even a single copy.

Every day will be held a raffle of jewelry from the leading jewelry houses. Just for the raffle provided over 50 precious gifts.

The doors of the exhibition "Jewelry salon" will be open until 19:00.