September 23, 2016 г.

24 of September at 20:00 in the shopping center "Victory Gardens.

"Lime" - incorrigible romantics, associating himself with the time travelers, because every musical group unit - immersion in a certain era, be it 90, 80 or back to the present day. And easily recognizable voice of frontman Alec Shneyderisa familiar to anyone who is not alien to the eternal romance, and who looks in the gloomy sky over the Black sea, dreaming of something beautiful. Undoubtedly, "Lime" could arise only in Odessa and immediately become the personification of its night life, a true symbol of the capital club.

For the past 8 years to rank as the best concert compositions of the country, the faithful followers of "musical time travel" group "Lime" cobble together singing condition, size and quality of which will be envied by any legend Odessa scene. A performance of "Lima", which in the arsenal there are always several different concert programs, have not needed everyday information events like the release of a new album, although the author's program group regularly involved, occasionally being in the top line in the dance charts of the country.