League of Laughter

January 25, 2016 г.

On 30 of January 2016, at 18:00, in the Musical Comedy.

"The League of Laughter" - the most ambitious project in Ukraine humorous coming on television channel "1 +1" and created by the studio "95 Quarter" and "Drive Productions."

"The League of Laughter" - is a new project, new faces and new stars! It is attended by the most experienced and most talented bands from all over Ukraine, which passed a severe selection and can rightfully be called the most ridiculous country teams. Out of 237 teams took part in the festival a total of 12 hit the television season, and only 6 of them were able to take part in the semi-finals.

In Kiev, September 29 and October 1 passed 2 semifinals Project with television shooting! And on October 2 in the winery has launched the first concert tour in the cities of Ukraine Project "League of Laughter"! Do not miss the opportunity to get to this interesting evening in their city in November-December this year!

The concert will feature teams that may present a "League of Laughter" in all its diversity:

"Zainka" (Zaporozhye) - Charismatic and charming Gopnik! An experienced team has already participated in various projects and now humorous strongly declared itself in "League of Laughter".

"TRIO different and master" (Kyiv) - Charming trio of girls from the women's unique sense of humor and excellent acting game, which is ideally dilutes the elegant master-entertainer.

"V.I.P." (Ternopil) - To date, the most vivid representatives of Western Ukrainian humor. Perhaps also the most experienced team in the "League of Laughter".

Concert "League of Laughter" - a bright, cheerful and atmospheric action, guaranteeing a good mood!

Leading the concert - one of the "Star Trainers Project" - Sergey Sivokho!