Сoncert of organ and vocal music in the Protestant Church

October 6, 2016 г.

On Saturday, 8th of October, 2016, in the framework of the German Weeks, the  Protestant Church will host a concert of organ and vocal music of the XIX-XX centuries. Veronika Struk (organ), Iryna Petrova (soprano) and Oksana Chaika (mezzo - soprano) will take part in the concert. 

In the program: 

1. G.-F. Haendel. Allegro from "Music on water" 

2. G.-F. Haendel. Duet from the oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus" 

3. G.-F. Haendel. Soprano Aria from the oratorio "Semele" 

4. J.-S. Bach. Alto Aria from Magnificat 

5. F. Mendelssohn. Allegro maestoso from Sonata No. 3 

6. R. Schumann. Duo "To the evening star" 

7. F. Schubert. Serenade 

8. F. Schubert "music" 

9. F. Mendelssohn. The duet "Wish in a single word" 

10. R. Strauss. "Dedication" 

11. R. Wagner. "Angel" 

12. G. Humperdink. Duet "Angels" 

The concert starts on the 8th October at 19:00 in the Cathedral of St. Peter (The Protestant Church), Novoselskogo street, 68.