Internation Literature Festival Odessa

September 28, 2017 г.

September 28 in Odessa, begins a large-scale event at the international level, in which we are going to participate.The International Literary Festival will feature books by contemporary European writers and poets.It is the opening day of the festival, on September 28, that we suggest that you hold with us at the presentation of the book PETER STEFAN of UNGC "Obscure Camera EDIT TUDOR-HART".The presentation will be conducted by the author himself in English.

The beginning is at 16:00. We gather near the entrance to the literary museum at 15:45.

The entrance is free!!!

And at 18:00 in the Londonskaya Hotel will be the official opening of the festival! The entrance is also free! So all who wish can smoothly move in the direction of Primorsky Boulevard and meet the participants of the festival!Do not miss this unique event !!!