XXI International Book Festival «Green Wave»

July 24, 2017 г.

The 21st International Book Festival "Green Wave" will be held in Odessa, August 3-6.

"Green Wave" is an annual event that unites booksellers, publishers, writers and readers in summer Odessa.

For twenty years "Green Wave" was held in Odessa as a book fair with an accompanying program. Since 2017, the "Green Wave" is ​​a book festival.

New comfortable structure, new comfortable areas, new interesting names, new content. Be with us on the same wave!

- The programme "Reality mapping: non fiction and fiction"

Open interviews, discussions, master classes, lectures, meetings with authors will be held at the festival's partner sites in the city centre - in the Odessa Literature Museum, in the lecture hall 4Сity, in the hub of Terminal 42, in the gallery Invogue #art.

In a Programme:

Author's evening of Dmitry Bykov

"Wine is a literature: the symbolism of alcohol in literary works." An open interview with Igor Pomerantsev

"I'm selling a bestseller." Master class of Garik Korogodsky

"Artistic reportage. The experience of Poland. " Lecture Les Belya.

Discussion topics:

Non-fiction as a way of representing reality

Odessa thought in modern culture

How to read books.

The writer is no longer hungry, and in general it is she

Under three locks: the protection of a written word

The sea is knee-deep: the literature of Odessa today

Visual culture as a work

We need to talk: where is our Nobel in literature?

Creative non-fiction or still a new journalism

The art of book illustration

Screen is another way to tell a story

Guests / participants / speakers / moderators:

Yuri Volodarsky; Egor Mostovshchikov; Alexander Miheed; Boris Kupriyanov; Varvara Gornostayeva; Katya Babkina; Tatyana Kiselchuk; Evgeny Nikiforov; Pavel Tatarnikov; Irina Slavinskaya; Yuri Marchenko; Eugene Golubovsky; Alexander Onischenko; Nail Muratov; Vladislava Ilyinskaya; Elena Borishpolets; Elena Karakina.

At the moment the program continues to form, the circle of topics and participants will expand.

- Book market in the open air on Deribasovskaya: retail and wholesale trade in books and other printed products; Presentation of books; Book contests.

- VI Odessa International Korneychukovskiy Festival of Children's Literature:

In the Odessa Literature museum - summing up the results of literary and creative competitions of the festival.

In the City Garden - game and theatrical programs, literary readings, presentations of new children's publications, meetings with children's writers and artists.