International Book Fair

August 3, 2016 г. 4-7 August 2016 on Deribasovskaya str. , the International Book Fair "Green Wave".

International Book Fair "Green Wave" in Odessa - the annual event is the book of life of Ukraine, one of the most stable, popular and frequently visited events of the southern region of the country. In 2016 Book Fair celebrates its anniversary - two decades.

Twenty years, "Green Wave" serves as a bridge connecting the participants of the process of book - authors, publishers, booksellers and readers. "Green Wave" in the summer Odessa - a permanent meeting place and collaboration book community: here there are buying and selling, establishing business contacts, presentations of books, knowledge and communication. First of all, "Green Wave" is famous for its book sales volumes, it is great playground bookselling.

As an operational indicator of the demand for a variety of publishing products, "Green Wave" makes it possible to analyze the state of the book industry, to follow the current trends. Over 20 years in the "Green Wave" were presented to hundreds of domestic and foreign publishing houses, booksellers, businesses, bookstores, shops, and probably hundreds of thousands of titles of publishing products. At the exhibition stands are always an art, educational, scientific, popular science, special, technical, children's literature, periodicals and printed graphics. The range of Book Fair valued customers for a wide range of genre and theme, for the opportunity to select and purchase books directly from publishers, for the presence of rare, limited editions and the latest, svezheizdannyh books.

The second distinguishing feature of the "Green Wave" - ​​democracy, universality and mass. Odessa Book Fair held in the form of a great holiday books in the open air with free entry and diverse cultural program that involves in its orbit a wide audience of visitors and cultural institutions in the region - libraries, museums, theaters, cultural centers, creative associations, literary studios and clubs.

This allows us to talk about the tradition of sustainable promotion of books and reading in Odessa. Every year, "Green Wave" is visited from 25 to 30 thousand people, each of whom is in his book sea wave. For a few days in August the historical city center - Deribasovskaya Street, City Garden, adjacent streets and alleys - are transformed into a huge reading room, in particular cultural space filled with readers of all ages: from morning until late at night are noisy book market, sound music, word - presentations of books, readings, meetings with authors, book and literary competitions, conferences, children's events, performances and concerts.

Since 2012, together with the book fair "Green Wave" held Odessa International Korneychukovsky festival of children's literature - the largest and the only Ukrainian festival entirely dedicated to children's literature and creativity. XX International Book Fair "Green Wave" will be held 4 - 7 August 2016, with the support of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers, the Odessa City Council, and the Association for cultural and tourism exchange of the Council of Europe (ACTE) and Odessa Diplomatic club. The space of the book fair is located in the open air, it includes Deribasovskaya Street, City Garden, and is divided into different zones: - book market (Deribasovskaya) - the stage and the audience in the open air (Deribasovskaya) - Marketplace Discussion Club and the lecture "The Green Wave" - ​​a cinema under the open sky (City Garden) - special exhibition dedicated to the anniversary dates of the literature in 2016 - the territory of children's holiday Korneychukovskogo festival (City Garden).

The program - the good old tradition and innovation:
• Presentation of new books and meetings with authors
• Autograph sessions and workshops of popular authors
• the XIII book competition "Odessa on book pages"
• XII contest "Art of Book"
• V Charity event "Books as a gift" (collection of books for children's homes)
• Youth Literary Marathon
• Concert program

One of the innovations of 2015, has received a positive response from the public, - Book Night Deribasovskoy will be held in 2016. For one night main street turns into a romantic night book market; the audience is waiting for a theatrical program, literary performances and marathons, live music. Innovation 2016: - movie marathon of movies about writers - Discussion Club "Green Wave" - ​​a meeting with the creative intelligentsia and cultural managers to discuss topical issues. - Network competition small prose "1000 and 1 word."

Summarizing. - Gastro-poetic evening "Odessa Odessa wine and poetry."

August 5 will be held summarizing competitions IV Korneychukovskogo Odessa International Festival of Children's Literature:
• IV Competition for the best work for children "Korneychukovskaya Award" among Ukrainian and foreign authors (18 years)
• V contest of children's literary work "Sea of ​​Talents" (6-18 years)
• IV Contest of children's digital picture "iParus" See you at the XX anniversary "Green Wave"!