Grand Orchestra of Jean Jacques Justafre

November 9, 2015 г. On 21 of November 2015 at 19.00 Musical Comedy Theatre will visit the Grand Orchestra under the successor of the great maestro Paul Mauriat - Jean-Jacques Justafre.
The "Homage to Paul Mauriat" in 2 parts.
The program will include favorite tunes Paul Mauriat Orchestra, the records were in every Soviet home. Especially for this tour, Jean-Zh.Zhustafre included in the repertoire of compositions that are popular with our listeners - "Man and Woman," "Toccata", "Love is Blue", "Emmanuel", "Alouette" (Animal World) "Autumn Leaves", "to the music of Vivaldi." And also, to the smallest detail, recreating the unique sound of the famous orchestra.
Autumn tour of the orchestra dedicated 5 year anniversary of the death of Paul Mauriat (3 November 2006).
Paul Mauriat Fans around the world, still want to hear your favorite tunes by Paul Mauriat dedicated musicians. And, of course, the musicians tend to pay tribute to the great maestro. The first tour of the Grand Orchestra "Merci! Paul Mauriat!" under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Justafre held in 2009 in Japan and South Korea. And was a huge success!
As part of the Grand Orchestra under the direction of Jean-Jacques Zhustafre, who will arrive in Ukraine, of 30 musicians - half were original members of the orchestra of Paul Mauriat.