Gastronomic Festival

April 6, 2015 г.

April 25 and 26 at Odessa Film Studio will host a festival "Did so delicious. Culinary tourism"at the same time with the Odessa tourist festival, bringing together citizens who plan their holidays, travel lovers and professionals of the tourism industry from different regions of Ukraine and from abroad.

Wine and gastronomic tourism - one of the most popular and rapidly developing areas, one of the world trends in tourism, and Odessa is worthy to be included in such routes.

Entrance ticket - a single for the whole vast territory, which includes the site of the festival "Did so delicious. Culinary tourism "and the site of the Odessa tourist festival.

Such a way visitors of gastronomic festival will be available as the entire program of the festival tourism - a variety of educational and entertaining events, promotions, sweepstakes package tours and much more.