Festival of Wine and Cheese

October 16, 2014 г.

1 and 2 November 2014 in Odessa will be the second of a series of gastronomic wine festivals - Festival of Wine and Cheese. Traditional venue - the restaurant "Bernardazzi." This time the festival will be dedicated to the most harmonious duet in gastronomy - duet wine and cheese. Travel for foodies in the abundance of cheese flavors: cheese in Bessarabia and Hutsul recipes, Swiss Gruyere, English cheddar, Dor Blue German, Greek feta, Dutch Gouda, Norwegian Ridder, Italian burrata and Parmesan accompanied by perfectly matched wines. Organizers invite guests of the festival rasprobovat highlight local wine, learn some cheese and wine complement and reveal the taste of each other, to discover the unexpected combinations of flavors, to understand the intricacies of cheese production and its place in the culinary traditions of our ancestors. And, of course, participate in tastings and stock up on the best wine and cheese for the soul of autumn options.

Autumn in Odessa city fills carelessness and inspires a wine festival - after the harvest to gather at a long table in one of the most beautiful places in Odessa, smell the warm November and friendly company. "Eating and drinking, and even if you do not care about these stupid things ..." - calls still relevant Isaac Babel, and we can not disagree with him.