II International Festival «Sax Academy»

October 19, 2016 г.

From the 30th of October to the 2nd of November, 2016 in Odessa, with the support of Odessa city Council will host the Second international festival "Sax Academy", dedicated to the 202th anniversary of the birth of the inventor of this instrument - Adolphe Sax. 

In the context of the festival will be held master classes by the composer, conductor, saxophonist and Professor of Brussels Royal Conservatory Alain Krapina. 

The culmination of the festival will be the concert, which takes place on the 2nd of November at 18.30 in the Great hall of Odessa Philharmonic. 

Accompanied by the municipal brass band named after Ukrainian national artist A. Salik at the festival will appear saxophonist with a world name Alain Crepin (Belgium), Detlef, Bensman (Germany), as well as young and promising musicians from Ukraine - winners of international competitions Eugene Popiel, Catherine Thernovaya, Julia Zhitnukhina and Daniel Dovbysh. 

The musicians will perform popular tunes, from jazz compositions to the Argentine rhythms of tango. 

Project author - artist of Selmer Paris and BG France in Ukraine Anna Stepanova.