Festival of restaurateurs InRest SummerFest 16

June 13, 2016 г.

14 - 17 June at 09:00, in the recreation center "Academy".
Summer Festival invites restaurateurs - InRestSummerFest'16

You will spend 3 days and 3 nights in a comfortable hotel on the shores of the Black Sea. Met and will meet with 150 new people, work effectively and relax fun. Learn the latest trends in the world of fashion and the idea of ​​the restaurant business. You will see the workshops and try dishes of top chefs.

It features speakers from London, Italy, Moscow and Ukraine:

Vasken Jermakian, Ugo Mura, Victoria Parkhomenko, Vladimir Nepiyvoda Dmitry Bonesko Irina Avrutskaya Maksim Khramov, Yuri Kovrizhenko Nadia Pereviznyk, Giovanni Abbo, Yulia Polishchuk, Alexander Yakut.All of them have prepared interesting and informative presentations and workshops, they want to share their experience and answer questions.

Phone number for ordering tickets: (044) 502-1623; (067) 247-8432