Festival «Spices and joy»

November 15, 2016 г.

On the 20th of November, 2016 Odessites and city guests are invited to the Festival "Spices and joy".

This holiday is dedicated to the international Day of spices. The festival is conceived as a festival of aromatic spices, Oriental wisdom, ancient knowledge and about healthy and harmonious life. 

Guests of the festival can try a drink based on flavors. Also there will be lectures about spices, their use, combination with products, the effect on health and flavors. Cooking classes experts will reveal the secrets of the combinations and show some examples of transformation of the plain food with spices. Perfumers will teach guests to create fragrances based on herbs and aromatic oils, and the students will share the features of Oriental style. 

In addition, the festival "Spices and joy" will be free consultations of the astrologer, tarragon and a doctor of Ayurveda. Guests will enjoy colourful dance performances of Indian and Oriental dance schools, yoga and live, authentic music. 

The highlight of the program promises to be a huge mandala of spices that will create visitors of the festival on a mosaic of spices of different colors. The organizers chose a colorful mandala Sri Yantra, which symbolizes harmony and peace. After the ritual lighting of all four elements under the sounds of ethnic drums and throat singing, spices will be mixed and distributed to everyone who had a hand in the creation of the mandala. 

Festival "Spices and joy" starts at 11:00 at the hotel "Black sea" (ul Rishelievskaya 59).