Tomato Festival

July 28, 2014 г.

Odessa citizens believe that instead of a simple land God gave them a piece of paradise, people awarded exceptional ingenuity, and most importantly – the gift of fine cooking and, last but not least, enjoy the food.
In many cities of the world gastronomic festivals are held. And Odessa must submit another of his festival. Odessa region is famous for the variety and taste of tomatoes, which are grown on its territory.
You will have two full days to appreciate the taste of Odessa tomatoes and spend time with use. And now be ready:
during these dayst omatoes will be everywhere. Local barmen will offer you a "Bloody Mary" and dozens of other tomato-based cocktails. Restaurants and cafes will serve tomato soup for the main course, then - panini with tomatoes,  salad with tomatoes, meat with tomatoes. You will also, no doubt, meet all the pizza and pasta – the two simple dishes,  based on the combination of tomatoes and other components.
If you think that the two-day menu of tomatoes – is too much, do not worry: the festival will also offer a spiritual food.