«The Festival of Christmas miracles» dedicated to the Day of St. Nicholas

December 12, 2016 г.

On 17-18 of December on the territory of the vacational hotel "Mirniy" will be held the festival of Christmas miracles dedicated to the Day of St. Nicholas. At the festival will be declared a new Odessa record  - “The biggest boot for gifts from St. Nicholas.” 

At the festival guests can create a gift for friends and family with their own hands, purchase Christmas gifts and stock up on delicious food for a celebratory table. Also there will be invited experts who will share astrological forecast, advise on how to celebrate the best New year, what to wear, and what food put on the New Year table. 

On the cooking master-classes you will learn new recipes for the holiday table, from stylists and designers spy trends of fashion, take part in contests and quizzes and just have fun.