Georgian film festival

May 27, 2016 г.

27 - 29 May from 19:00 to 22:00 in the Festival will be held Inoteatre Georgian cinema.Our country has historically warm ties with a rich Georgian culture. Ukrainian cinema gems shone without exaggeration global scale - paintings unsurpassed master frame, which is called the "light sculptor", Ivan Kavaleridze, heir to the Georgian princely family. Tbilisi has presented the world of Sergei Parajanov - a key director Ukrainian poetic school, "Armenian Georgian origin, who sat in a Russian prison for Ukrainian nationalism" as a joke about it friends. Many are close, and between the modern cinema of our countries.

26 May Georgia celebrates main national holiday of the country - Independence Day. 27 - 29 May at the cinema "Inoteatr" the Odessa Film Studio will be held Days of Georgian cinema, dedicated to this important date for Georgia. The festival will show the best tape Georgian filmmakers shot in the 21st century.