Birthday of the Museum of private collections of A.V. Bleshunov

January 26, 2017 г.

On the 27th of January, 2017 Odessa Municipal Museum of private collections of A. V. Bleschunov celebrates the opening day for visitors.

In the programme:

  • Report on project for which the staff of the Museum has worked for three years and which made possible the installation of the special museum equipment "The museum climate".
  • Presentation of the updated exposition after overhaul (rooms downstairs) and exhibitions devoted to mountaineering topics.
  • Announcement the Museum plans for 2017 and development of the strategy for the next 5 years.

About the Museum: the Museum of private collections of A.V. bleshunov — is an amazing space. Antique objects of everyday life, artworks and luxuries of different countries and people are gathered under one roof of an old Odessa house. The Museum has the name of the collector and mountaineer, Alexander Bleschunov that gave the city his collection of works of the decorative art. On the basis of his collection in 1989 was created the Museum that is located in the former apartment lived Alexander — Bleshunov House. The exhibition is arranged geographically, so the Museum becomes a fascinating journey of exploring the art of different countries and people.

Traditionally, on 27 and 28 January the entrance to the Museum is free.