Tomato Day

August 7, 2015 г.

"Tomato Battle" and giant cake "Tomato" will take place on Deribasovskaya.

On the 8th of August the colorful summer holiday "Day of tomato" will take place on the Deribasovskaya str. It will include a parade of red cars, "Tomato Battle", a giant cake "Tomato", master classes, symphonic music. Dress code of the festival  - all red.

Guests will appreciate the holiday  various program on Deribasovskaya, which will begin at 12:00 with the parade of red cars and motorcycles. "Fair on Deribasovskaya" will present a variety of well-known kinds  of tomatoes grown in the Odessa region, there will be master-classes for the preparation of various dishes, dance competitions "Tomato Battle" (concert hall at the Fair).

A striking addition to the festival this year will be a giant cake "Tomato" from the famous pastry shop "Bublikoff". Also, the organizers of the festival have prepared another surprise - theBattle of Symphony Orchestra show «Hardy Orchestra». The concert will take place on Deribasovskaya (the area from the Red Lane to Havana str). Begginig at 20:00.

Organizers invite visitors for gastronomic festival to the city centre  on August 8 in red  and support the general spirit of the colorful event.