Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named P.Virsky

May 23, 2016 г.

24 May at 19:00 in Theatre of Musical Comedy.

Speech ensemble Wirski name - a unique union of color, energy and artistry. Bright and expressive movements, jumping to the ceiling, lightning-fast rotation and the changing dynamics of dance - from melancholy to euphoria.

Anyone who comes to their performance will never forget what he would see. This is quite a unique experience that you will not get from any other dance group.

Although Paul Wirski choreography and Miroslav Vantuh has its origins in folk material, it is designed for professional dancers: initially notice observers, none of the farmer or villager does not dance as theater.

Ensemble name Wirski - 100 strongest performers, passionate, full of life, cheerful, well-trained, with incredible energy.

Energy, virtuosity, skill and original interpretation of the popular styles of different countries make the world applaud the ensemble Wirski.