December 14, 2015 г.

December 18, 2015 at 19:00 in Shkaf.

Jazz trio, who won his charisma and energy of all of Ukraine.

The style and manner of the band's sound Cherry-merry can be described as an original blend of melodic British Indie and energetic guitar American "garage rock" Grunge.

The behavior of the musicians on stage, as well as work with the public - never leaves visitors indifferent's Event with Cherry-merry!

On their account - performances at the biggest festivals in Ukraine: Zahid, The Best City, Respublica, Fine Misto, kRock Into the Future, Rock Mace.

They have noted in Wikipedia.Their single More Fire - Zahid anthem of the festival in 2013!

Their track Rock'n'Rolla - jingle to rock on just twenty Radi.O Pasha Kozlov!

Their video clips and audio tracks successfully rotated on top music channels and radio stations.In September 2014, the release of full-length album "Listen loud!", Which includes the 13 best rammers Group.In 2015 he was released the new single "Cooca Coolah", who shot video work for himself "Maestro" - Victor Priduvalov.

Currently the band is working in studio on new material for a future EP.