Big Chinese circus

December 16, 2015 г.

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, on 19 and 20 of December, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 at the Concert Hall of Odessa (Gagarin plateau, 5) will perform Big Chinese Circus with a new exotic show for young and adult viewers!

Chinese circus traditions were formed over 4000 years old, has always been a fascinating spectacle. Its history is rooted in the old folk games, traditional crafts and military affairs, it is full of secrets, covered with legends and myths. Unraveling the inviolability of circus arts masters, many see China in that it combines the basics of martial arts, ancient philosophy, culture, and high discipline. All this allows us to perform difficult stunts, unique mastery of the body, bordered with miracles and affecting even the most experienced audience.Costumes, makeup, accessories, order of distribution of the tricks in the room, a rare modesty, even if I may say so, the chaste simplicity, "feeding" - after all this is clearly felt the uniqueness of the national culture of the spectacle. The originality, developed and refined through the work of many generations. Each room here is deeply symbolic.For example, the famous "Chinese plates" spinning saucers on long sticks of old, represent the sun. This room young girls play the role of "rafters", a refiner of heaven ocean people light and warmth. Great circus "flight of swifts" rooted in the distant past of China's military. According to ancient legend, the Chinese soldiers had quickly slip into a small hole. If in ancient China, is the ability to be compulsory in these days is a great circus. Chinese somersaults like the air flights and the impression of complete weightlessness artists, their body like lightning, flying across the stage or arena. Complex combinations, where every tenth of a second, when it seems that a collision is unavoidable actors, make an extraordinary impression on the audience. Group combination similar to the kind of fireworks can not hear knocking the legs on the floor, can not see the voltage, it is ideal parishes after the jump.

Bright costumes, stage effects - constant attribute of each performance. The main difference between European and Chinese circuses that European circus act adult actors, and the Chinese - children and adolescents. As part of the artists are usually between 12 and 24 years old. They begin to learn skills from the age of three, after passing a rigorous selection in special schools where the competition often is 2-3 thousand people per seat.Over the past few years, the Chinese circus was a new development, its rooms have received a high evaluation of foreign colleagues. Chinese circus was not just exotic impregnation and was an intricate whole world, which continues to amaze audiences all over the globe.

Performances of young artists from the Big Chinese circus - it's always a treat for viewers of all ages! They give us an incredibly positive emotions, charged with energy and joy!