Blooms Corda

March 16, 2016 г.

Romantic BLOOMS CORDA with the presentation of the album "Mono Dance" (funk, soul, indie folk). Blooms Corda - domestic, cozy, warm songs that will make every curve, as they say in billiards, "on a thin". Funk, jazz, indie-folk - any element here has a degree of transparency and fragility, which makes it clear: the music created in the laboratory, where the sounds of nurture and give birth as children. With this respect, each component is indispensable in the tracks - so if there appears trumpet, saxophone or bass, they look like a glove, the only and unique.

Most of the material created by the group Danil Galyko played himself - the good, multi - vocals, he also left behind. Throughout Monodance peace and quiet, and no matter what the song says - should be heard, with which the Buddhist detachment sounded the refrain of the song "With an excitement in eyes." This, it seems, was the idea of ​​the album, one whose name apparently alludes to the meditative contemplation and comprehension of the microcosm - if not in complete solitude, then, at least, through the manifestation of the solo.

Album Monodance already entered in the list of "Best Ukrainian album" version of the portal UMBAR, and the group itself BLOOMS CORDA recognized as the most interesting musical discovery according to Comma, Radio Aristocrats and Gromadska Culture.