International Black Sea Day

October 31, 2013 г.

Each of us at least once in his life swimming in the Black Sea. 31st of October is a day when you can leisurely remember the warm waves of the Black Sea, singing a tune, well known from childhood .

International Black Sea Day commemorates the day in 1996 when six Black Sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine — have signed a Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea. This plan was presented after extensive research on the marine environment, which showed that its viability has deteriorated significantly in comparison with the previous three decades. His main purpose was to attract international attention to the fact what causes irreparable damage to the sea-fishing, water pollution and global warming.
Some facts about the Black Sea

  • The greatest water depth of 2,210 meters, and the average - about 1240 meters.
  • Black Sea in the form can be compared to an oval, elongated from east to west length of about 1150 kilometers.
  • From north to south sea stretches for 580 kilometers.
  • Black Sea washes the shores of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia.
  • The major rivers flow into the Black Sea: the Danube, Dnieper, Dniester .
  • The flora of the sea includes 270 species of multicellular green, brown, red bottom algae .
  • As part of the phytoplankton — no less than 600 species. The Black Sea is home for over 2,500 species of animals.