Free excursions by e-cars

September 2, 2014 г.

С 12.00 и до вечера Одесса-мама дарит всем желающим незабываемые экскурсии по городу на Красных электромобилях. Абсолютно бесплатно экскурсоводы расскажут вам «за Одессу» и подарят море позитива и хорошего настроения! Красные электромобили будут  ждать всех желающих на Приморском бульваре и на Дерибасовской.

At September the 2nd  our favorite Odessa celebrates its Birthday! For 220 years our mother has been taking care of us. She is beautiful, smart and talented! She is our everything! She is very hospitable! That is the day when Odessa wants everybody to know more about it! From 12.00 till evening Odessa-mama gives to everyone the unforgettable sightseeing tours on Red e-cars. Absolutely free guides will tell you everything about Odessa and give lots of positive emotions and good mood! Red e-cars will be waiting for you at Primorsky Boulevard and Deribasovskaya Street.