Balalaika - SAX Project

May 20, 2016 г. 22 May, at 14:00, will be held "Balalaika-Sachs project" in the Odessa Literary Museum, Odessa citizens will meet with the brightest representative of the Russian academic school play saxophone, winner of the international contest them. Adolphe Sax, president of the Eurasian Association saxophonists Nikita Zimin.
Also participating in the program winners of the international contest "Golden Saxophone", guests from Kiev - Daniel Dovbish Catherine Ternovaya Julia Zhitnuhina Anastasia Rukhlin and Eugene Popiel Hanfon and Du (China).
Author of the project - Artist Selmer Paris in Ukraine Anna Stepanova.An unexpected highlight of the program will blend with the sound of a saxophone ensemble of folk instruments "Mosaic".