June 6, 2016 г. 10 June 20:00 Western club.

Anacondaz Creativity called "pleasure to understand", as their texts imbued with meaning and life situations about which musicians say, close to many listeners. Nevertheless, Anacondaz even about the most serious things manage to talk with humor.

The group has to his credit four studio albums and a mini album. 2015 was the year of the release of the next masterpiece Anacondaz - plate "Tales insider", a record which lasted nearly six months: live musicians prescribe almost all sound on their records, and the finishing touches in the mixing and mastering is traditionally done in 360 Mastering Studios in London.

In September 2015 "Insider Tales" came to light, immediately taking the top spot in the iTunes chart summary. Total in 2015 published 6 videos group, giving a total of more than half a million views on the official channel. The album "Tales insider" only officially listened to and downloaded 100,000 times.