7-star of the school and the education system of the future 7W

June 9, 2016 г.

June 10 from 10:00 to 14:30 in the Concert Hall "Odessa".

Master class "7 ******* - star of the school and education system of the future 7W" PROGRAM:

1. Global trends break down stereotypes of education.

2. Three variants of our reforms.

3. Seven major issues of education: what to teach? what to teach? Who to teach? how to teach? how to manage? how much is? and what is the result at the end of count?

4. Why 7 ******* - stars and 7W?

5. Cutting-edge educational technologies, frames and cases.

6. Reform of Education in America (XQ) and in Ukraine

7. The concept of education reform in the Odessa region and pilot projects.

Author and Speaker - Vladimir Spivakovsky, a member of these reforms and their concepts (in America and in Ukraine).The President of Corporation of Grand, head of the project office of education reform in the Kiev region (pilot project). Expert International Accreditation Committee (USA) and twice champion of the Guinness Book of Records