120 years since the birth of Leonid Osipovich Utesov

March 2, 2015 г.

March 21 at the city park will celebrate the 120th anniversary and the anniversary of the birth of Leonid Osipovich Utesov - famous entertainers, singers, actors, and from Odessa, became famous for our city to the world. The organizers will try to move visitors Gorsada time and place in an era Utesova, showing objects from the collection of the Odessa Museum of sound and unique personal photos of the singer from the archive fund "Apartment Museum L.O.Utёsova in Odessa." Rotunda in the day turn into a scene, which will feature the most famous and loved by the public Utesova composition, working in various genres from jazz to urban romance. Everyone will be able to listen to music and dance, as well as just relax and appreciate in Odessa delicious and hearty meals from local restaurateurs. Later in the afternoon to all guests of the festival will have the opportunity to re-evaluate not only vocal but also acting talent Utesova looking excerpts from films, which starred master of Soviet music.