City History

Have you ever tried French sauce? Oh, it is a unique mix of spices, herbs and ingredients, creating unbelievable inimitable taste and gentle smell. 

It all makes you remember it from time to time and strive to taste it once more by any means.

What about Odessa?  You will ask, if there is something common between this Southern city – “small Paris”, as it was called in the time of Richelieu, and dainty French cuisine? It’s quite simple. Frenchmen built the Beauty as well as created their sauces.  On the coast of the Black Sea, on the little patch they, first of all, mixed several styles: roman, gothic, rococo and modern. Then, they carefully added to the city Italians, Greeks, Turkmen, Jews, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Russians and their countrymen, and spiced everything with true freedom and duty-free importation.

What was then? Then they started to cook it on hot, burning sun. Thus, appeared thecity – amazing and inimitable. People herealways told jokes. Thegeniuses always were born here.  People never felt blue here. Confiding, merry, frank, hospitable nation amused and keep on amusing everybody, who has ever visited that land of milk and honey. Nobody can trade like Odessa people, nobody can sew like Odessa people, and nobody can cook like Odessa people.

Discover and you this city, where you’ll see the mix of noisy market with settled boulevard, where they answer on your questions by questions, where they like to tell jokes and to treat everything philosophically with a sense of irony.

Go along narrow streets, smell the sea and acacia in blossom, admire the chestnut “candles”– absorb everything that is called Odessa and you’ll like it!