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Ministerium in Odessa is a favorite resting place for those who have an exquisite taste , connoisseurs of luxury , who are experts in having a high-grade leisure. Today it is one of the few places which managed to blend true royal luxury, comfort, familiarity and homeliness. Ministerium is the first Ministry of relaxation in  Odesa. Odessa vared about each guest to give them real delight if having rest spent here. That is why Odessa citizens love this place as wellas foreigners who invented the term "ministry of relaxation" . Located in the historic area of Odessa , this place has preserved the historic spirit of the times in which a building was built. The facade and interior facilities were made in the style of classical elegance. Relaxing in the cozy atmosphere of theMinistry, you'll undoubtedly receive  not only a culinary, but also an aesthetic pleasure , and our attentive staff will provide you with the perfect service .