« Dacha» presents almost twocentury history of Odessa hospitality, true love to coziness and soul pleasures. Mansion  «Dacha » was built in XIX century in very picturesque place (French boulevard) where wealthy enterpreneurs of Odessa used to build their mansions.   

One of the owners of this mansion was Mr. Perets - true Odessite, true expert of beautiful life and comfort.  He was famous for his hospitality and love to traditional Odessa cuisine. Famous citizens and enterpreneurs, poets and artists, diplomats and guests from other countries liked to have dinner at mansion of this landlord.  Near « Dacha » was situated mansion of Grigoriy Marazli, and it is possible that Odessa mayor liked to visit Mr. Perets to taste authentic Odessa dishes. Lavish , at first sight simple , but very tasty dinners , became friend dinners and that ones - slow tea-parties . In summer - in garden house or just outdoors with a glass of light wine or kvass, in winter - in warm living room listening to noise of burning wood in potbelly stove.  Noise winter festivities in Dacha garden with vodka, fruit liquers and lots of snacks were famous all aroun Odessa.  

Everything changes but Dacha stands still. It is taste and beloved. Everything here is made with love and by hands.