Banana and Batman

Such water kinds of attractions have always been popular among the Odessites and visitors of the city. You can find them almost on all Odessa beaches, the cost varies from 100 to 500 hryvnias.

Water attraction "Banana" (water sleigh) is the most popular and reliable model among inflatable towed attractions, however, it is still relevant today. The simplest and reliable design, that is time-tested, is suitable for a fun noisy company and for family entertainment.

People are lining up to fly on Batman, that is attached to a water motorcycle, it costs about 500 hryvnias for two. You can find such an attraction on the beach "Langeron".

"Batman" is an inflatable plate that can both slide along the water and tilt in the wind, becoming upright. "Batman" is attached to a water motorcycle, the motorcycle starts and you fly over the sea.