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Odessa is an amazing and beautiful city. Its appearance, a special "language" spoken by its inhabitants  is the result of mixing of diverse cultures, traditions and ways of life . And in this colorful kaleidoscope that made up an " Odessa ethnicity ", Jewish people play an important role.  It is hard to say what was decisive here. Whether the city from its start was attractive to thousands of Jews, and formed a special type of Odessa's Jews , or Jews themselves - the inhabitants of the city - left an indelible mark on the image of what one called "authentic Odessian ."

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Calendar of events

  • 26 Oct — 29 Oct 2017 First All-Ukrainian vocalists contest «Spivucha Ukraina» in memory of O. Blagovidova
  • 28 Oct — 29 Oct 2017 «Pumpkin Fest»
  • November 2017 All-Ukrainian Contest of Juniors in vocal and choral art «Pearls of my Country» named А. Аvdievskyi
  • 17 Nov — 20 Nov 2017 Concert programmes «Days of Stolyarskyi»
  • December 2017 The exhibition-feast and a charity fair «Christmas star»
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