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Odessa and Greece are closely related to each other both historically and spiritually. We have the same religion , similar hospitable character and worldview. Tht's why a fairly large Greek diaspora  lives so comfortably in Odessa .

And the name of the city sais that Odessa began from the Greeks. The very word "Odessa" is so similar to the name of the well-known Greek Odyssey. In addition, there were actually ancient Greek colonioes in Odessa. The Greek history of the city began from the time before the birth of Christ.

And continues even today , as one of the central squares of the city is called the Greek square — in honor of the Greek community of Odessa. In addition, in Odessa  there are other streets and buildings, that perpetuated the memory of the Greeks residing here . In our town there is a street Marazlievskaya ; houses belonging to famous Greek merchants , some of them has become themuseums; The House of the secret society of friends, where the uprising  in Greece against the Turkish yoke began. This and much more you will see in the course of our trip.

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