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Ukrainian history is inextricably connected with the Cossacks as a unique cultural and political phenomenon . Leading historians and geographers called of 16-18 centuries called our country : «UKRAINA TERRA COSACCORUM - UKRAINE - COSSACK's EARTH ."

Odessa is a city of multifaceted history that in which Cossacks took a significant place. Cossacks played an important role in the formation of Odessa as a major shopping center and the port.

Long before  Khadzhibey was called Odessa, Cossacks had their settlements in its outskirts. The most famous of them are Peresup' ,  Nerubais'ke and Usatovo village. In the 16-18 centuries the Cossacks "solyaniki" (later chumaki) mined salt from Kuyal'nitskii liman, than sold it not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, Moscovia, and were engaged in grain trade as well.

Cossacks actively participated in campaigns against the Turkish- Tatar troops stationed in the northern Black Sea region, including the territory of modern Odessa area. And according to many historians, this fact  played a decisive role in the liberation of our land from the Ottoman Empire.

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