Museum 411-th Battery

Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa (411th Battery)

The grand opening of the Museum of heroic defense of Odessa was held in  9th of May , 1975 on the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany. By the will of the grateful descendants the square of 16 hectares of 411- th battery turned into a kind of open-air museum with an exhibition of military equipment and weapons of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Entrance to  Memorial is signed with the crowning sculptural forms of concrete stelae "Katyusha " and along the alley , stretching for 500 meters, in metal structures there areinstalled emblems depicting the hero-cities and hero fortress of Brest.

At 10th of April , 1989 , at the 45th anniversary of the liberation of Odessa from the Nazis , on the north- western edge of the Memorial , the parents of  killed in Afghanistan soldiers dropped off the Alley of Memory. Together with the sculptural composition complex  made ​​history under the title " The sad memory of the Century" that embodies a symbol of communication and continuity between generations .

In the four rooms of the museum there is thematic exhibition built  on a high architectural and artistic level  showing the Odessa defensive epic under the epigraph "The years of World War II go deep into history, but time has no power to bring them to oblivion and to erode from people's memory ."

Memorial has become a reliable bridge between the past and the future, one of the most visited cultural places in the region, favorite for the World War II veterans and soldiers- internationalists , a symbol of remembrance and pride of Odessa for the heroic story of the hometown.

Near the Memorial they make regular meetings of veterans of war and work with young people and students, the celebrations on completion of military training of the military departments with the assignment of students to the primary officer ranks , etc.