MonumentsThe Monument to Steve Jobs

Monument to Steve Jobs - a sculptural composition, set in Odessa in memory of Steve Jobs. It is the first monument to Steve Jobs in the CIS and the second monument in the world.

The initiators of the installation of the monument in Odessa were the students and the rector of the State Academy of Technical Quality Control. Sculptor and artist Cyril Maksimenko, sculptor and graduate of the Academy, specializing in the creation of art objects from metal structures, began work on it in November 2011. The site for the installation of the monument was chosen in front of the facade of the student hostel of the Academy on Novoselskogo Street. The monument was inaugurated on October 5, 2012, the first anniversary of the death of Jobs.

The sculptural composition is made in the form of a human brush with pierced through it the image of an apple in the style of Apple from the palm and heart - from the back. Both images form a through gap in the brush.

In addition, at night the monument is highlighted by neon, and most importantly,  there is always a zone of free Wi-Fi near it (according to rumors, the sending device is hidden inside the hand).