Health Route

Existence of the Health Route has begun approximately since 1960, after the city authorities conducted large-scale work to strengthen the shores and planted their slopes with trees. As a result of this activity, a route links the beaches of Arcadia and Langeron. Its length is about 6 kilometers.

The path of health route is covered by asphalt. It prohibits the movement of any kind of transport, except for those that are beneficial to health. There are only electric cars on the Health Road, with the aim of transporting people from Langeron to Arcadia and vice versa. In this place you can meet a lot of fans of roller skates, bicycles, runners and people just enjoying a walk along the seacoast.

The Health Route is constantly upgraded! Conduct new pedestrian walkways, staircases, install new benches and lighting.

The Health Route is an integral part for every citizen of the city, it is one of the attractions of Odessa, the main sports street, where anyone can come.