Tram Depot at the Tap

The oldest Odessa tram depot, which now carries the number "1", has its history since the time of the knot. For more than a hundred years it has replaced several names - until 1917 it was called "Rishelievsky".

The tram depot, originally opened as a conical plant in 1898 and named Rishelevsky, in 1910-1912. was reconstructed, and the old buildings - dismantled, but the wagon cars returned to it and stayed until the 1920s.

Initially, it was designed for four boxes, the numbering goes from left to right. In 1935, they completed the fifth box for servicing wide-gauge wagons.

The creation of the image of the tram infrastructure was performed by the famous Odessa architects - depots were built by Lev Vlodek, administrative buildings - by Adolf Minkus, stop pavilions were created with the participation of Lazar Belkin and Semyon Landesman. The administrative building of tram depot No. 1 since 1931 is occupied by the administration of communal enterprise "OGET".

In the backyard of the depot are cars at the exit of the boxes, behind them - the household yard. They are collected here in the "whip" length of 8 to 12 meters, which then load on standing there and then two special wagons - a railcar.

There is a museum and a small historical chapel  on the territory.