Theatre square

The appearance of the Theater Garden began to form at the end of the 1880s, when flowerbeds, lawns and hedges were planted here. Subsequently, the garden has repeatedly changed its appearance.

By the 1910's, on the side of Lanzheronovskaya, a typical tramway substation was built (it was not preserved, just like the pavilion "fungus" at the beginning of Rishelievskaya in front of the theater), and in 1925 in the center of the square appeared a fountain-sculpture "Youth", moved here from the cottage A Bisky (French Boulevard, 26).

Famous sophores decorating the Theater Square and the garden from the side of Lanzheronovskaya were planted already in the post-war period, effectively completing the appearance of the square. In the 1970s fountain "Youth", located in the center of the square with the backside to the theater was moved closer to the building of the English Club and deployed 180 degrees, and in its place is arranged a large round pond with a fountain. Since that time, no significant changes have been made to the Theater Garden.

In parallel with the last restoration of the theater, the reconstruction and improvement of the Theater Garden were also carried out. In 2007, a fountain was restored in the center of the square, which until that had not functioned for many years. The fountain was built for 90 days. The total volume of the upper and lower bowls of the pool is 120 m3. The water in the fountain passes through the filtration system 6 times a day. The height of the jets in the upper bowl reaches 3 meters, in the lower - 2.5 meters. The fountain consists of two bowls - the upper and lower. In the upper cup, there are 11 fountain nozzles, in the bottom - 14.

To create a picturesque view of the fountain at night, under each fountainhead there is a 300W floodlight with variable polychromatic illumination. In addition, the entertainment of the fountain is enhanced by additional pumps, which create a waterfall effect when water flows from the upper bowl to the lower one. In the evening, 46 spotlights provide illumination of the falling jets. The filtration system provided in the fountain ensures full water exchange every four hours.