Sabaneev Bridge

The Sabaneev Bridge, through which you can pass or drive from Ekaterininskaya Square on a quiet and cozy Gogol street (former Nadezhdinskaya), is one of the oldest construction of this type in Odessa, lower in priority only to the Novikova bridge, which was built at the time ofgraph Langeron.

Besides the outline of the stone three-arch Sabaneev bridge attracts filmmakers long ago. The spans of the bridge and the Military descent, on which it is thrown, became a scene for a variety of films - beginning from the old 20s "Benya Krik” till the "The Golden Calf" with S.Yurskiy (the episode with gas masks) or contemporary popular TV series "Liquidation".

Ivan Sabaneev was a general, holder of the St. George Cross, participant of the Suvorov’s campaign, the hero of Russo-Turkish battles and Patriotic War in 1812. He was educated and communicative nobleman whose friend was A. Pushkin (he also suggested him a plot of the story “Snowstorm”).

The bridge was being built from 1831 to 1836 after the death of Sabaneev. Samuel Apton was designer of the project. In Russia russified Englishman began to be called Samuil Ivanovich. It was known, that Vorontsov, who was brought up and who had spent his childhood in England, preferred British style in everything, including architecture. Some forms of the London’s Old Westminster bridge can be seen in the shapes of the Sabaneev bridge. Apton was also one of the building managers during the construction of Potemkin stairs.

Builders of the bridge faced different technical problems during the construction. Appearance of cracs was reported. In 1866 the bridge had to be reconstructed. In the days of USSR, the bridge changed its name twice – in the honor of Karl Marks and then the name was just “Northern”, but that names did not take roots.