Monument of Ludvik Zamenhof

Bust of Ludwik Zamenhof installed in 1959 in the courtyard of the house number 3 on the Deribasovskaya street, where lived the sculptor-esperantist Nikolai Bazhenov (author of L. Zamengof’s bust). It is the first (and so far only) monument to the creator of Esperanto language in the world. In those years, it was not allowed to install statues of real people in the courts, and also Esperanto was effectively outlawed. So, as Odessa legends say, Bazhenov told the employees of certain services that plaster sculpture – is the image of his father; on the cover of an old well placed to avoid the accident: the ubiquitous boys can get into the well and slip out ... Soon, everything was clear, but times have changed. Enthusiasts have periodically restored the monument - because the plaster is a fragile material.