Odessa racecourse

Odessa racecourse began its work in 1890. This is one of the oldest racecourses in Ukraine. He is acting now - here you can get horse grooming skills, as well as go horse riding and just ride a horse.

In 1889–1890, the Novorossiysk Society for the Promotion of Horse Breeding built and opened a racecourse at the fourth station of the Big Fountain in Odessa.

The main building of the racecourse was the “horse racing pavilion” - a purpose-built original building with an orchestra platform, open lodges and stands for spectators. A high spire, light canopies, thin columns, awnings and arches gave the pavilion an "airiness" that fully corresponded to the swiftness of regularly arranged runs and races.

But the racecourse in the 1900s and the 1910s was famous primarily for cycling and flying aeronautics on balloons (balloons) and airplanes, which were then called.