Kotsebu Bridge

Kotsebu Bridge (Politseysky)

Architect Landesman S.A., engineer Harris E.G.

The Kotsebu bridge stretches along Bunina street above the upper part of Devolanovsky spusk. The bridge was opened in 1892, and named after Governor-General of Novorossiya Pavel Evgenievitch Kotsebu who served from 1862 to 1874. By the way he did a lot for Odessa, but during his governance by certain circumstances denied the project of the bridge on Politseyskaya street. 

Metal carcass of the bridge was produced in Paris, delivered and then constructed in Odessa. The bridge connected two sides of Politseyskaya street and exactly the same as Stroganovsky and Novikova bridges is situated above Karantinnaya balka.