Vorontsovskaya colonnade

A colonnade, also rotunda or belvedere is one of the symbols of Odessa its a cultural heritage site. It is a continuation of the Vorontsov estate Palace and is located on the very precipice of the hill. The colonnade was built by the architect F. K. Boffo in 1826-1828.

Made in the Tuscan order style, the Vorontsov colonnade blends wonderfully with the surrounding buildings. Colonnade has a curved form – inner row is somewhat compressed and the outer row is stretched, which gives it a kind of beauty, rigor and grandeur.

This architectural monument is the best observation point of the city. There is a splendid view of the sea shore and port. Specifically, at this place the Governor-General of the city Count Vorontsov admired the beauty of Odessa. Here you can see everything at a glance, and therefore, over morning tea, he was aware of everything happening around – he saw all the news – what ships came into the port and how they were discharged.

A gallery, that was running around, was initially surrounded by a greenhouse where a variety of exotic plants and fruit were growing. According to witnesses, at that time the gallery was “one of the most beautiful places of the Palace”.