The Funicular

The funicular in Odessa was opened on June 6, 1902. The construction of a cable car was carried out according to the project of the young Odessa engineer N.K. Pyatnitsky under the supervision of engineer V.K. Rakovsky. Previously, work was carried out to strengthen the slopes, and then a single-track rail track about 100 meters long was built, with a midway pass and a bridge over it. On the boulevard, on the site of an elegant viewing platform, the upper wooden pavilion of the funicular was erected, below, on Primorskaya Street - a stone building with an apron, cash register and office. Two trains, accommodating 35 people, were delivered from Paris, special cables were manufactured at the Odessa cable plant. The duration of the trip by cable car was less than a minute. The cost of lifting was 3 kopeeks, the descent cost 2 kopeeks. Funicular did not work from 1919 until September 20, 1926 (World War I and civil war) and in the Great Patriotic War (the work was resumed in 1947).

1967, November 15 - funicular dismantled and decommissioned. A letter of de-registration was sent to the Inspectorate of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the Ukrainian SSR. The structure of the funicular existed for several more years. From 1970 to 1995, on the site of the funicular, there was a covered escalator lift. On September 2, 2005, on the site of the escalator, an inclined lift-elevator was opened.